Jack Smink - More Than An Elvis Impersonator

Picture this: The year is 1977. The music plays. He steps on the stage. The crowd goes wild! Six feet of jet black hair, sky blue eyes, and that unmistakable voice. But it is October of 1977. The world has just lost the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. His fans still want to hear his music. There is never going to be enough. They want to hear Elvis – Just One More Time. And so, Jack Smink’s Unfinished Business Concerts begin.

As a young man, Jack's unique voice naturally led him to sing Elvis's music.  Originally, in 1976, Jack thought it would be fun to sing an Elvis song at a local church festival.  His Elvis-like look and voice made the job easy.  The crowd loved it and Jack's future as an Elvis Tribute Artist was set.  Now he travels throughout the United States, England, and beyond in large and small auditoriums, including a 7 year run at his own Las Vegas style showroom - performing his Unfinished Business Elvis tribute shows for Elvis fans.

During those years, Jack was privileged to meet and work with many of Elvis’s friends, band members, and family.  Joe Esposito, JD Sumner, DJ Fontana, Dick Grob, Sherrill Neilson, The Sweet Inspirations, and many more.  A few of those meetings have turned into cherished friendships.  Some have appeared with Jack and his band as special guests, always sharing stories of time they spent with Elvis.

Not only has Jack worked with these great folk, but he has also worked with other names in the entertainment world.

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