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Daryll Triplett has come a long way from his modest beginnings in Columbus, Ohio. From the time he was a child, he always enjoyed making people laugh and saw that he had a talent for it but never took it seriously until his career as a police officer. Daryll, noticed that he had a unique ability to laugh people right into the backseat of his patrol car and off to jail.

Daryll credits the Lord, his family and long police career for his comedic and acting talents. With a firm support function in place from the time he was a child, Daryll has rocked all types of talent shows and impromptu performances for his family and friends with resounding results from day one to now.

Daryll pulls inspiration and comedy from his family and specifically his wife of 13 years. He has 10 children ranging from the ages of 15-29 years old. Also, Daryll pulls a great wealth of perspective and some of the most entertaining and unbelievable tales of “comedy meets life” tales in his role as a Police Officer over the last 25 years.

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